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Deep experience, clear vision, and achievement of legal work

The Legal and Financial Consulting House is a long-standing institution that provides local and international legal and financial advice. To meet the needs of customers, as well as efficiency and flexibility in work. The House of Legal and Financial Consultants is also working on identifying the options available to its clients, taking their hands and preparing them to take the most appropriate and best decisions, in order to secure their position and protect their business and activities.

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Our specialties

Real estate funds, investment and real estate financing

Real estate funds, investment and real estate financing

Services and tasks in this field

1- Providing specialized advice and support in real estate transactions to a large package of local and international companies, real estate investment funds and those interested in development.

2- Advice on all legal aspects of real estate investment, including financing, real estate disposal, lease negotiations from landlord, tenant, portfolio management, etc.

3- Provide legal advice to borrowers and lenders in domestic and international real estate finance transactions, and provide legal and advisory support in relation to real estate funds.

4- Comprehensive advice on conflict avoidance through amicable dispute resolution.



The world is witnessing an increase in the use of non-judicial dispute resolution methods, as a result of clients' and consultants' endeavours to follow fast and less expensive methods, dispute resolution discounts, lawyers' mediation role, and arbitration is one of the best methods for settling disputes arising from any commercial transaction.

Services and tasks in this field

1. Providing mediation, arbitration, reconciliation and other non-judicial means of dispute settlement.

2- Assisting clients in choosing the alternative settlement mechanism, drafting the terms of alternative settlement solutions contracts, and representing clients therein.

3. Formulation of intermediation and arbitration clauses and their poverty, in employment contracts, joint venture agreements, licensing agreements and other commercial contracts.

Collection services

Collection services

Providing comprehensive customer debt collection services, with the aim of enhancing the customer's ability to control his/her debts that correspond to the specific needs of his/her business while taking into account the future of the client's relations with the "Legal and Financial Advisory House", according to a very professional approach when claiming

Providing comprehensive customer debt collection services, with the aim of enhancing the customer's ability to control his/her debts that correspond to the specific needs of his/her business while taking into account the future of the client's relations with the "Legal and Financial Advisory House", according to a very professional approach when claiming

Services and tasks in this field
Payment of receivables faster as soon as the Debt Collection Services Department enters into negotiation.
3- Increase the client's cash expenditure by reducing the reduction of outstanding debt.
3- Non-payment of commissions in case of non-collection of debt.
4. Provide the client time for the "Legal and Financial Advisory House" to assume collection functions on his behalf.

intellectual property

 intellectual property

Intellectual property has become the concern of many in the light of modern technical and technical developments, and it has become a system of registration, special legal protection, how to exploit it and protect and protect it optimally, and resolve disputes related to infringement and abuse of intellectual property rights, whether through litigation, arbitration or mediation. The team represents both the plaintiff and the defendant.

Services and tasks in this field

1. Provide advice on methods of registration and protection of intellectual property by writing and publishing, trademarks, patents, industrial models, trade names, copyright and copyright.

2. Take measures to protect copyright and publishing, issues of patent infringement, research and development agreements, patent licensing and technologies.

Registration and protection of intellectual property in all its forms and forms within and outside the Republic.

4. Assist in transfers of technologies and trade names, trademarks, trade licenses, service marks, proprietary information, trade secrets, registered and unregistered design rights, and moral rights

of marriage
of foreigners

of marriage
of foreigners

We provide the service of documenting foreign marriage contracts through a professional team specializing in dealing with the Ministry of Justice.

 Act No. 103 of 1976 amending certain provisions of Act No. 68 of 1947 on documentation set out a number of conditions and papers required of foreigners wishing to marry Egyptians, which may only be documented in accordance with the law. "The marriage of Egyptians may not be documented as alienated if it is apparent to the notary that the contractors' eligibility, consent, qualifications or authorities do not exist or that the conditions do not exist, or if the author whose documentation is requested is manifestly invalid, where the law requires the notary to ". Refuses to authenticate and notify those concerned about the refusal of a recommended letter explaining the reasons for the refusal:

The law stipulates that, prior to the procedure for documenting the marriage of foreigners, the notary must ensure that the required conditions and papers are in place. "

1. The presence of the child in person when the contract is documented "Both husband and wife

2- Ta 'ih Family

 3- Five personal photographs of both husband and wife and medical certificates from a government hospital   

4- The age limit between spouses is forgotten and borrows not more than 25 years 

5. The foreign applicant for marriage from the Egyptian marriages shall be charged with submitting investment certificates with a role that is prohibited by the group (b) of the National Bank of Egypt in the amount of fifty thousand pounds in the name of the Egyptian marriage applicant, if the difference of age between them exceeds 25 years.

6- The alien's residence in Egypt must be on offer other than tourism.

7- The husband and wife shall not be less than 21 years old

8- Presentation of two certificates issued by the competent authority of the State of which the alien is a national or consulate in the Arab Republic of Egypt state that they are not reluctant to marry and include data on the date of birth, religion, occupation, country of residence and marital status, In terms of preceding marriage, the number of wives and children, their financial situation and sources of income and subject to the certification of each of the certificates by the competent Egyptian authorities.

9- If it is not possible for the spouses to submit their birth certificates, the alien must submit any official document acting in his place and the Egyptian must submit an official copy of the fact of birth.

10. Completion of documentation procedures at the Real Estate Month Office of the Ministry of Justice in Lazogli Field

11. Ratification of marriage contract from the Certification Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

 Note: - There are some embassies that are intransigent in issuing no-objection certificates and the practical solution to them is the liberalization of a marriage contract that is upgraded.

Real estate business

Real estate business

We offer real estate registration service (Apartment - Villa - Factory - Office - Commercial - Space - Agricultural Land) The real estate month and the in-kind registry through lawyers specialized in dealing with the various real estate offices of the month and the offices of the in-kind registry in all parts of the Republic as well as assisting in the extraction of power of attorney by moving the real estate month employee to the client's headquarters without the need to go to the office of the real estate month.

for foreigners,
work permits for foreigners,
and gaining
Egyptian nationality

for foreigners,
work permits for foreigners,
and gaining
Egyptian nationality

Foreigners' residency services, work permit extraction and Egyptian citizenship are provided through a team of burning and long experience in dealing with the Passports and Immigration Department and the Ministry of Manpower and Directorates.

First: Foreigners' Residencies

Foreigners' stay in Egypt has many types:

Private residence

Procedure for performing service: - 10 years renewable, authorized for foreigners born in Egypt prior to 26/5/1952 or residing in Egypt for 20 years prior to 26/5/1952.

2. Normal accommodation

Procedure for performing service: - Five years renewable and authorized for foreigners residing in Egypt continuously for 15 years prior to 26/5/1952 and their minor children. They can obtain leave of absence outside the country from the interest free of charge if they wish to be absent outside more than six months before departure or who suffers from the consulate abroad after departure and six months before the date of residence. no longer than two years' absence except in cases of study or compulsory military service


 Justification for five years' temporary residence (five-year residence): A five-year residence permit may be renewed for foreigners from the following contracts. Foreign investors, their wives and children - Egyptians who have lost their Egyptian citizenship as a result of permission to naturalize with foreign nationality - while not retaining Egyptian citizenship, such as their minor children covered by the time: children and them. Children of the Egyptian mother, who granted their children Egyptian citizenship. Children who have reached the age of majority shall be guaranteed their mothers who are authorized to reside privately, ordinarily or in their personal capacity in the event of the death of the father over 60 years of age and have settled in the country for a period of 10 years and have means of subsistence for the foreign country who is required by international conventions to be authorized to reside in the country for a period of five years.

Wives and widows of Egyptians Wives of foreigners licensed in ordinary residence Wives and children of foreigners authorized in five-year residence in previous cases

4. Triple residence.

Justification for granting three years' temporary residence:

 Three years' residence permit may be renewed for foreigners of the following technicians: -

 Foreigners husbands of Egyptians.

 Minor children who are authorized to live in private or ordinary residence in the same manner as their father in the event of the death of children of majority age shall be authorized on charges of private, ordinary or triple residence provided that there is a resource to live in. Palestinian adults are male employees of the Governor's administration or pension transfers who have completed their studies in the country and do not work in the country - government workers, public bodies, public sector companies and the business sector. Palestinians working in the administration and transferring them to a pension - Shinian holders of travel documents issued by the Egyptian authorities who settled their status and resided for a previous 10 years and have means of living in the country - father who receives monthly subsidies from the National Insurance and Pensions Authority.

Shelter inmates are disabled, old people. Registered refugees with United Nations refugee offices. Political refugees. Widow of an alien licensed in private and ordinary residence. Wives of Whyte foreigners with disabilities from residence restrictions or permits. Foreigners whose right to private or ordinary residence has fallen for any CIB-. Foreigners working at the Swiss Institute of Ancient Architectural and Antiquities in the Arab Republic of Egypt. Foreigners under international conventions who are authorized to stay in tripartite residence. approved by the Minister of the Interior for the granting of tripartite residence to the wives and children of foreigners authorized for tripartite residence in previous cases

5. Temporary residence for non-tourism.

Justification for a year's residence permit for non-tourism workers in government, public bodies, the public sector, local government units or business companies - Their wives and children are also licensed places in the private and investment sector under a work permit from the Ministry of Manpower and Employment and their wives and children, as are those studying in universities, institutes and schools on the basis of school enrolment certificates

Students at universities, institutes and schools based on the certificates of enrolment of parents and students studying in the country. Those who have received this residence for the purpose of studying, foreigners coming to the children to do voluntary work at their own expense. Egyptian spouses - Licensed to stay for one year under the bail of Egyptian wife children over the age of majority authorized to reside under work permits from the Ministry of Manpower and Employment - Parents and mothers of the five-year investor licensed to guarantee the investor's place of residence, and upon a letter of recommendation from the Investment Authority - divorced Egyptian foster children of Egyptian husbands and minor children of foreign nationals authorized to stay temporarily as a person who owns property under real estate contracts registered in the real estate month and their wives and children - provided that the value of the property is not less than 50,000 (Fifty thousand United States dollars) - transferred through an Egyptian bank relatives of Egyptians up to the second degree aged over 50 years, who made the country five years continuous, and have means of subsistence or sponsorship of a relative up to the fourth degree

6. Temporary accommodation for tourism: -

 The procedure for performing the service for a maximum period of one year renewable in licences for tourism, visit or treatment at the end of the stay in Egypt may be approved within 15 days immediately following the end of the stay through the immunity of the country. In case of wishing to renew the residency other duration, apply for the interest or one of its geographical branches.

Second: Foreigners' work permits:

A request is submitted to the Ministry of Manpower requesting the recruitment of employment {first time to work in the Republic and the following requires that the alien be present outside the Republic. (The inclination facility requested the company paper in the name of Mr. Head of the Central Employment Administration and Labour Market Assignments requesting the recruitment of foreigners {the required paperwork will be supplied after we have delivered the required business registry of the establishment + tax card + establishment contract + the company newspaper is a benevolent certificate of foreigners for not less than three years certified, documented and translated by an official office to be compatible with the painted profession letter of 2 Ingladesh. The existence of a contract of employment documented by the foreign State of the alien and the Egyptian consulate in the alien's State is required to be approved by the Egyptian foreign state of Egypt.

Third: Acquiring Egyptian citizenship


 A monkey's acquisition of nationality after birth, which is known as Tarnah nationality, is contrary to the original nationality acquired by an individual upon birth. Act No. 26 of 1975, as amended by Act No. 154 of 2004, establishes three grounds for acquiring Egyptian nationality as follows:

 First: Birth to an Egyptian father or father Article 2 of Act No. 26 of 1975, as amended by Act No. 154 of 2004, stipulates that an Egyptian shall be a child of an Egyptian father or an Egyptian mother.

Article 2 of Act No. 26 of 1975, as amended by Act No. 154 of 2004, stipulates that "anyone born to an Egyptian father or to an Egyptian mother shall be Egyptian". A bastard in Egypt is considered born in Egypt unless the contrary is proven. A person found to have foreign nationality in addition to Egyptian nationality, in accordance with the preceding paragraph. the Minister of the Interior to declare his wish to renounce Egyptian nationality, The declaration of this intention shall be made to the minor by the legal guardian, the mother or the educator in the absence of either of them and the minor from whom the Egyptian nationality has been removed, in accordance with the preceding paragraph. to declare its wish to be recovered during the year following the attainment of majority and to issue the procedures and dates for the implementation of the provisions of the preceding paragraphs a decision of the Minister of the Interior. The decision on the disappearance of Egyptian nationality by renunciation or restitution shall be in accordance with these provisions by decision and article III provides a paragraph 1 "Anyone born to an Egyptian mother and a non-Egyptian father prior to the date of this Act shall declare his wish to enjoy Egyptian nationality. Egypt is deemed to have issued a decision to do so by the Minister or to serve a period of six years from the date of the announcement, without an abandoned decision to refuse it.

II: Acquisition of nationality through marriage Article 7 of Act No. 26 of 1975 stipulates that a foreigner who marries an Egyptian shall not acquire his nationality by marriage unless the Minister of the Interior declares that she wishes to do so and the marriage is not terminated two years before the date of the announcement of the husband's death. The Minister of the Interior may, prior to the forces of two years' imprisonment of the wife from acquiring Egyptian nationality. Article 8 of the same law stipulates: "If the alien acquires Egyptian nationality in accordance with the provisions of the preceding articles, she shall not lose it at the end of her marriage unless she regains her foreign nationality or marries an alien and enters into his nationality in accordance with the law of this nationality by naturalization: Act No. 26 of 1975 establishes six cases of naturalization by Egyptian nationality as follows:

Third: Acquisition of nationality through naturalization: Act No. 26 of 1975 establishes six cases of Egyptian nationality as follows: naturalization based on birth in Egypt, Egyptian origin of the mother, regular residence based on Egyptian origin, regular residence in Egypt for five years. Naturalization based on double birth in Egypt, membership in an Arab or Islamic country based on birth in Egypt and normal residence in Egypt upon reaching the age of majority.

contract drafting

contract drafting

Our vision to serve contract drafting as a document that reflects the agreement reached by the parties and translates into texts and concepts of a legal and legitimate nature. Our drafting method starts from our keen desire to understand carefully all aspects of the transaction to be drafted and then ask questions, clarify legal gaps if any and make relevant suggestions so that the client has a full vision of all the terms of the contract and the rights and obligations thereof. Taking into account speed in achievement that is not inconsistent with mastery at work

corporate services

corporate services

Our work in the corporate and capital markets sector is based on understanding and covering all the needs of our customers from the establishment, registration, submission, modification of their contracts to liquidation. As well as transaction management, corporate governance, supervision of acquisition and merger deals, sales contracts, supply, contracting, services and tenders, review of contracts, as well as customer legal support in the stages of negotiations and implementation, Tasis patent rights and protection, and conclusion of franchise contracts, The representation of companies in whatever is necessary before official and judicial bodies, as well as the provision of all kinds of legal advice to companies. The "Legal and Financial Advisory House" team also serves the foreign investor. and closely monitor developments in various business areas, where the team works on a wide range of topics related to transactions, stock market, business transactions, corporate consulting and meeting customers' requirements in a rapidly changing and flexible working environment to keep abreast of contemporary developments.

Litigation and

Litigation and

The handling of cases and the preparation of legal briefs require a high degree of expertise, knowledge and continuous keeping up with the regulations and regulations so that the lawyer has the most important role to play in the progress and facilitation of the case in pursuit of full and prompt access to justice. In particular, in a country where the judiciary and quasi-judicial committees are complex and where the State is developing its judicial system. The office has the best in dealing with a wide spectrum of issues through its previous handling of many complex issues and providing legal advice to many business companies. Our practices are divided into several sections covering most of the legal and legitimate needs of our clients.

Legal Consultation

Legal Consultation

Legal advisory services are one of the most important elements of the success of any commercial or institutional business in a country where regulations and legislation are diversified and their sources are diverse. Our office, praise be to God, possesses theoretical knowledge and practical experience with its familiarity with procedural matters, which qualifies it to provide the best legal advisory services that help to advance the work of our clients in various fields.

Our services in this area are based on three pillars:
First: Our desire to be an effective element in facilitating and completing the transactions of our customers to the fullest by continuously reviewing all the procedures followed in the customer's organization and verifying
From its conformity with the system and the aspirations of the customer and the preservation of his rights
Second: Do our best to serve our customers not only by clarifying the problems and dangers they may face, but also by proposing solutions and providing alternatives
Third: Our endeavour to provide our legal support to our clients at all stages of dealing from negotiation to implementation

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